Swarovski is widely recognised as the leading producer of cut lead glass fashioned into jewellery, couture, pieces for home decoration and much more. As a brand selling the concept of luxury and glamour, the atmosphere in their retail spaces is particularly important and must fit the signature style which is known throughout the world.

RCE Electrical completed full electrical design and installation of the Swarovski retail space in Cardiff which opened in November 2015. In addition to the power, emergency lighting, CCTV, intruder and fire alarms, perhaps the most important aspect of this installation was the lighting.

In order to display the beautiful creations to maximum effect, RCE Electrical worked closely with Swarowski to meet their requirements and then on completion of the job, we also worked with the shop staff to ensure that once the shop furniture was in place, the lighting effectively displayed the stunning jewellery and sparkling design pieces.